Why Us?

Open Positions

Pre-made MC Dev

You will mainly be working on creating new pre-made packages for people to buy for our Pre-made server builds. This job also includes bug fixing any pre-existing packages as well as new ones we release!

Discord Server Dev

You will mainly be working on creating Discord Servers and moderating those Discord Servers as per the agreement we sign with all clients. You will also be working closely with the Owner.

Custom MC Dev

You will mainly be working on creating Custom dedicated server setups for people to use. You will also be bug fixing any pre-existing dedicated servers as per our user agreement.

MC Developer Tasks

This is the smallest job. You will be mainly working with Minecraft Server owners to send them the small developer tasks as per completed. You will also be bug fixing EVERYTHING that our over devs don't do.

The Best of the Best

Jelly Development only hires the BEST developers to help with your projects. We want to make sure you have a product you are truly proud about.

Knowledgeable Support

With developing a server, you may run into a few issues. Jelly Development has the best developer support team and knowledgebase.

Unbeatable Prices

We have some of the best prices on the market. If not the best. Jelly Development will always make sure you get every dollar's worth of your product.

Free Plugins

Jelly Development will NEVER make you pay for a premium plugin, only getting the best out of all the free plugins. Meaning you will never need to pay a premium plugin service.